Carolina Day 2021 Carolina Day 2021 Carolina Day 2021 The chapter took part in the commemoration of the Battle of Fort Sullivan which took place on June 28, 1776, 245 years ago. 206483261 Parade to White Point Garden Despite the rain, chapter members attended a church service at St. Michael's and marched from Washington Park to White Point Garden for the dedication and speech. Left to right: Karyn, Deb, Sara, Chrissie, Katie and MaeRe. 206483257 White Point Garden for the dedication and speech 206483263 Reception in the Great Hall of the Old Exchange Building Rebecca Motte Chapter co-hosted with the Fort Sullivan Chapter. Chapter member Dede was in charge of the reception and she and her team did a fabulous job decorating, arranging the food donations and setting up the Great Hall in the Old Exchange Building. 206483264 Flower Arrangements Beautiful flower arrangements by Chapter member Hatsy. 206483262 Table Centerpieces Beautiful table centerpieces by Chapter member Pat. 206483256 Food donations by Chapter Members Thank you to all the Chapter members who donated food items. 206483259 Chapter members at the reception Left to right: Kelly, Erin, Katie, Kathleen and MaeRe. 206483258 Regent Katie and Librarian Kathleen 206483260 View of the luncheon Some wore period dress. 206483254 Another view of the luncheon Thank you to all who helped and contributed to making this 2021 Carolina Day a success! 206483255